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Back Row:
Justine Thompson, Miss Antelope Acres
Christa Hansen, Miss Mojave
Megan Yoder,
Miss California City
Sammie Smith, Miss Rosamond
Shawna Powell, Miss Lancaster
Erin Swetland, Miss Quartz Hill
Jacqueline Powers, Miss Lake L.A.

Middle/2nd Row:
Emily Bosma,
Miss Leona Valley
Tiffany Salas, Miss Edwards
Jennifer Netzel, Miss Eastside
Tiffany Lyon, Miss Antelope Valley 2004
Heather Trax, Miss Littlerock
Tiffany Hill, Miss Rancho Vista
Kaiti Cochran, Miss Agua Dulce

  Front/1st Row:
Jennifer Morgenstern, Miss Acton
Stacie Hall, Miss Palmdale
Brittney Minton, Miss Pearblossom
Amber Kendall,
Miss Elizabeth Lake
Ashlyn Bean, Miss Boron

Our New Miss Antelope Valley
Congratulations to Erin Swetland who
won this title on August 6th.


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